Sara’s Talk

THE VISUAL RESEARCH SIDE! Sara’s talk was focused completely on how to visually research and why, for whom and how do I document my work. I understand that research is systematic and designing is systematic, ideas and final pieces do not appear at the snap of a finger. All design begins with a crude sketch and goes through endless refining and development before it is finally resolved. Sara’s tip was to make my thinking visual as soon as possible, to retain every detail or thought and explained that by having a sketch in front of me I would be able develop and understand what I am thinking. Also to help me look at the facts. To document I must Film, draw, and photograph and then reflect upon this afterwards. I must accumulate images and things relevant to my work but learn how to edit and get rid of the useless. I am essentially documenting a creative process and therefor I am spending a lot of energy and time on this process and should document as much as I can to show my thorough engagement. The visual research I am accumulating is for myself, although as well for my peers and tutors, it is also deeply personal to me as a designer. It will aid me in going through my ideas processes and methods. The blog is also essentially for potential employers to see how i work and create and what my intellectual capital is.


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