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Its nice that

Hothouse talk by It’s nice that. Founded in 2007 Its nice that promotes and celebrates the most inspirational creative work online reaching over half a million readers and viewers monthly through their updated website, magazine pages and talks.

What I found wonderful about It’s Nice That is the graduate scheme in which they involve undergraduate students to have their work promoted on their website and create possible connections within the industrial, any publicity is good publicity when your starting out.  It works as a platform to find current working practitioners and gives them the opportunity to be seen and heard. The bread and butter to a striving creative!

It’s Nice That is quite like Who Killed Bambi website, one of my favourite artist websites,  that hosts various styles of art filled with work of many creatives who are referenced and again this works as a platform for creatives to be discovered and viewed.

I enjoyed the talk and the opportunity to be spoken to by a current company in design. I loved there little notice board which I photographed from the presentation. I didn’t discovers anything new but that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the talk and find it beneficial as I find my creativity is always pumped after a talk with creatives actually out there in the big world of design. Makes me very anxious and raring to go!


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