Look Mum No Hands!!

image image imageOur first project! To go to the café Look Mum No Hands and document and experience how the customer interacts and encounters the branding of the café. From this I am then to illustrate the brand touch points- where the branding of the establishment is engaged with. The task essentially was to document a day in the life of a customer attending this café and to document how we experienced the branding of the place. I first off attended the café on two occasions, purchasing a hot chocolate one time as a customer, the other just sat there like weirdo staring at everything I saw and retracing my steps of where I went. When considering the project brief I listed the touch points of branding within the café, starting with the signage on the display window, the bicycle in the window, outside wooden tables, another large signage, outside courtyard, inside wooden tables, cabinet of drawers, bibs, apparel, a bike shop in the left hand corner, a ladder, metal, suspended bike wheels, suspended old bike, bicycles in the window, comments box, printed napkins etc.  The exact touch points that I experienced would be different to my fellow creators as it was a journey I took myself as a customer but I also looked chronologically at what I came into contact with first that gave me my first taste of the brand before I even entered the establishment itself.

Overall the experience of the place was laid back and friendly. The people attending the café were not in suits and ties or particularly corporate, I guess I’d distinguish the customers by the environment they were in, or within branding it is actually the customers that make the brand. The customers leaned more towards a free and quirky sense of dress, they engaged in conversations that I unconsciously listened to as I sketched, varying from art and music, the best sandwich from Tesco to a friend who got shit faced the previous night. So the casual vibe of the environment was supplemented by the people inside it. The environment was built for interaction and energy as the tables themselves were tightly packed together, it bred conversation as opposed to a pristine layout with spacious set out tables you could find in more corporate café that promotes silent contemplation. After absorbing the space and vibe of Look Mum No Hands I began creating my visual journey of brand touch points.

IMG_6121 IMG_6122 IMG_6124 IMG_6125 IMG_6126 IMG_6143 IMG_6146 IMG_6152FullSizeRender (3) IMG_6153

IMG_6290IMG_6286IMG_6288 (1)

suits and ties or particlaurly coporate in their style, the customers leaned towards a more quirky free sense of dress. I GUESS ID DISTIMGUIDH THESE PEOPLE AS


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