Portfolio surgery workshop

Portfolio surgery with Cecile focused on teaching us the basics of our portfolio layout and to consider how we will present pour portfolio to industry employers. I found that using plastic shiny pockets detract quality away form the work and have already decided to have my work raw and loose to be viewed. I have also begun to consider to have my actual portfolio to be made of a Perspex box with my name ‘Ginge’ printed on top in my own handwritten typography. I have also considered the idea of having my cv to be made into a paper chatterbox game for the employer to interact with, an idea to really try and grab the attention of whoever I’m reaching towards.

During the workshop we had to layout our current portfolio work in the centre of the room and go around viewing each others work and critique them. I did not bring my work unfortunately but have already asked for critique from fellow students who have mainly said that some of my sketch designs should be made into finalised pieces as I have a consistent style within my work, it would therefore add to my collective set of portrait work. Upon viewing other students work I became aware of how competitive the industry will be for this small class room was filled with work that was nothing less than superb. Although I didn’t have my work critiqued during the workshop I got the opportunity to see other critiques and reflect it back on myself and consider the same possibilities for improvement. I have since focused on the physical portfolio and how I would transport my work as Cecile made an obvious point as to how boring and aggravating a simple black portfolio is, something I hadn’t really considered before. Now I have I am determined to build my own portfolio or to source so,thing different to carry all my work.



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