Breakfast Unscrambled!

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New project!

The brief for this project is to discover a niche market within the breakfast chain and reinvent our own type of breakfast. The first step was primary research in which we had to ask a minimum of 50 people two questions about their breakfast they had had that very morning. What did you have for breakfast? Where did you eat it?

From this information we collated our data into infographs and charts, teaching us how to isolate and collate our research. From my research I found that cereal was the most common breakfast choice with coffee running a close second. What became apparent from the reserve was that the choice of breakfast was convenient and quick to prepare in the morning, suggesting that people do not have a lot of time for breakfast in the morning. Identifying a niche market to aim a new breakfast idea to was the aim of our project so immediately I identified that a new breakfast reinvention would need to be something that took barely any time atall to prepare ,if any.

My initial ideas for a breakfast design entailed a personal background and data utilisation. As cereal was the most popular I chose to reinvent a type of breakfast. The personal background was my habit of having a bowl of cereal and adding cake to the cereal. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day as I love cereal and I have been mixing cake with my cereal for years now, anyone who knows me knows I love to dip cake into milk, milkshakes, and hot drinks. Which is really no different to  someone dipping a doughnut in their coffee or a biscuit in their tea. So my idea was to create a cereal that came with an accompanying piece of cake in the box to add to the cereal. This idea then evolved into serving up a single piece of cake as a breakfast snack. This became the current idea  of the ‘Dip Cake’. A cube shape piece of cake on the end of a lolly stick. How this works is that the cake can be dipped into any drink of choice easily and also is a convenient handy size to be eaten on the go. It is also perfect for the current high tea and tea room craze. The handy and quite dainty size of the Dip Cake is akin to the delicate nature of finger sandwiches often found in tea rooms, tea party’s and special occasions.


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