Dissertation poster review on my topic of Female Bodybuilding

Today we presented our posters about our Dissertation topics. The topic of my Dissertation is focuses on the controversy surrounding female body builders for they pose incredible conflict to the cultural gendered norms of Femininity. My methodology will take on a ethnographic approach on the rituals and regimes within a gym. I will be observing gender performances in the gym space, the differences amongst the women training to compete and women exercising just for fitness, drawing upon my own gender performance as an amateur bodybuilder.  The review proposed my attending a body building competition and to analyse the female competitors, perhaps going back stage to observe them. My point of view is stemming from the notion that female body builders contradict normative feminine stereotypes and due to the cultural rejection of this rebellion to the cultural norm, the women are subject to hyper sexualisation of their bodies to draw attention away from their muscular physiques and emphasises their femininity.  imageimageimageimageimageimage


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