Selfie maker. Making the video

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Design competition module- Kickstarter video project. To create our own Kickstarter video for a project of our own choosing.

Documenting the process of setting up the video. The idea for my Kickstarter video was a portrait collection I entitled ‘Selfie Maker’ . In my pare time I take photographs of icons and selfies of people and re make them into illustrative portraits for commission. I intend to make a book of selfie portraits o make eventually and this is a good starting point for me to start really documenting and displaying my portraits and showcasing my style of drawing. Setting up the video was quite like setting up a theatre set. I felt like the actor that had to work around and with the set and I always set up my videos in this way. The way I film my work is a continual panning shot as I love to create a rhythm with filming as I find it hypnotic and enjoyable to view. The set up had a few problems such as the scroll of paper not sticking the white drop roll and the roll itself had stains on it from previous shoots so I had to arrange my portraits in slight angles to hide these imperfections. Overall I was pleased with my video which was particularly Lofi but that’s how I like to film. Perhaps I will eventually move onto a more hi tech way of filming but this was the type of effect I wanted. To improve I would have write my name on the scroll of paper and maybe spent longer on writting the title type.


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