Triple Double Talk. Hothouse Talk.

Talk with Triple double, or Paul.

Paul talked about the emphasis on play equalling personality as the way you work with something and mess around can reveal a lot abut your personality to the industry, and that you can be the best at the programmes and technical side of design, but personality will trump that. I agreed with this idea of personality and play, I may not be very versed in digital side of design but I will learn through trial and error how not to create digital art, this is an aim of mine. I love experimenting and playing with a brief or idea but I sometimes tend to pigeon hole myself and designs to fit a specific brief requirement which is a habit I’m kicking myself out of. Paul also talked about editing, eliminating the distractions to aid you to work more effectively and that experiments create your process.

Your process can define how clients and customers see you and process is infinite, it never really ends, it can always be taken somewhere else. When creating something you are engaged in a relationship with your project, it has to be nurtured and worked on and never left behind. Paul also said collaboration is an effective way to create new takes on projects and that it starts a conversation between you and others and your tutors. I enjoyed the talk from Paul as he seemed quite down to earth with his work. I gained so much respect and jealousy for this guy when he told us that he shot the photo shoot for the new back to the future Nike trainer! I really want pair of those! shoes that lace up themselves? why wouldn’t you!

IMG_6960 IMG_6961 IMG_6963 IMG_7010 IMG_7011


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