Empathy & enterprise. Colour lecture

Our lecture on colour involved a guest speaker names Helen who spoke about her work with branding and how she approaches a given task for a client.

When creating the visual branding for a company Helen likes to think of herself as not a ‘wallpaper’ designer, just creating pretty things with no thorough Meaning behind, she likes to have a concept behind the brand.  Begin by tackling the research:

The competetior brands.

Admired brands.

You need to define key words that describe your brand.

A loose strap line that accompanies your brand name.

‘DipTea – the dainty dip’

Helen explained how the colour will be the war of your life because how you see one colour can be completely different by someone else, and colour can chafe how your brand is seen and enterpretted. Experiment with your brand type in as many colours as possible, what it will prove is if it works with certain colours more than others.  But to see wether your type choice works well it’s best to view it in black first. If it works well in black it an work well as a general type in other colours.





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