Artist influence. Sister Corita Kent

Sister Corita Kent creates these beautiful juxtaposed prints incorporating spiritual, literary and pop cultural themes.  I wasn’t aware of her amazing work until our tutor Sara saw my quite industrious photocopy work scattered across the floor late one evening, she recommended her as reference to the prints I was making for my project. I see the resemblance in the aesthetic of my work with Kents. Her use of such vibrant bold colour with sprout all and biblical quotes of the bible make for impeccable pieces. Her story itself was incredibly engrossing. A nun who makes art..real contemporary art. I feel art and activism go hand in hand in amplifying the other, art amplifies activism, activism amplifies art. Kents work represnts her spiritual hope and beliefs but also a passion with creating visuals to communicate and educate to the masses. I have become a passionate fan of Kents work.  Although my current photocopy pieces are predominantly black and white I am excited to implement bold colour into them as final pieces for my look mum no hands brief.


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