Breakfast unscrambled presentation review



Today we presented the work we have done so far for the Breakfast Unscrmabled brief. Emily gave us a checklist of thins to look for and to comment on through one another’s presentation.

  1. Empathy
  2. Inventiveness
  3. Creative Language
  4. Communication-clarity, focus, convictions
  5. Creative Graphic media
  6. Exploration, Iteration, and references at each stage


All the presentations were strong, all the ideas presented for this breakfast brief were great. Some were brilliant in how they managed to harness a niche market, an example would be the brand idea for Nordic Tea by Christopher which was a niche market I never even thought of or even knew about, his illustrations for his packaging were beautiful and wonderfully crafted. Another was a breakfast for children and young families called Pop eat by Marta, her use of a ball split in half for two separate foods for children was a lovely idea.  One of my favourite presentations was by Samir, his idea of bringing back the social interraction surroundig the ritual of breakfast was through reviving old vans that would come around local streets, with tables and food and would create a huge breakfast outside for the hole street to have breakfast together. The visuals he used were wonderful, there was not one logo he made that no one didn’t like. The vintage style was succinct throughout his presentation which sold the idea effectively!

These presentations made me nervous to preset my idea for the Diptea brand. None the less I presented and spoke about the journey I took throughout the brief in order to re invent a breakfast.  My presentation showed a lot of primary research  and secondary research into the afternoon tea market that my Diptea product was aimed at. I adore tea rooms and frequent them with my mother on many occasions. I adore the warm atmosphere, the socialising, the lovely ladies I end up making friends with and the overall aesthetic of the tea room. I spoke of my ideas surrounding my type which I admitted to being quite stuck on, also the packaging ideas I had began to conceptualise.

Overall ny presentation was received well by the class and Emily. To improve I am to play around with my type to make a more creative logo. My current Logo is quite American vintage in style and I intend to lean towards the vintage/romantic typography, but I was advised to create a more creative type like the digital type I made with Adrian in a previous workshop on the Language of Type. Also as my product is catered towards afternoon tea Emily asked how I could ring it back to the breakfast area, so the suggestion to make the Diptea cake in breakfast food flavours such as marmalade, butter on toast, eggs and bacon. Perhaps the shape of the actual cake would be different for breakfast flavours and possibly I would create a breakfast range of my Diptea, this would have different imagery and illustrations to the packaging comapred to the Afternoon Tea version.

Enily also illuminated that my product is more about the social environment provided by a tea room.  Instead of creating a product to be sold in retailers it would work as a pop up cafe itself as a tea room on its own. I hadn’t thought of this before but instantly this idea thrilled me, so my product reinvention has become a brand establishment like Betyys tea room.  Possibly I have thought to create a little pop up cafe in a DIY manor, perhaps in a rented out area or as an outside picnic area as a mock up, or to digitally visualise a Diptea Tea Room.

The compliments to my presentation and my work so far is the link I’ve made and research I have done into the Afternoon Tea market. I presented well and concisely, the research was in depth, the Idea was focused.

I think this presentation has aided in me being able to see what work I have done so far and seeing where I am currently with my project.  I am going to be working tonight on the type for my breakfast where I’ll be chopping out parts of the letters to convert the word ‘dip’ – the submerging of the cake into a drink. This I believe is more playful than the type I have done so far, but I do intend to keep the original type I made for it may have possibilities for improvement and if not it serves well for development.


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