Brand Theatre. Display ideas


Inspired by the Lula magazine brand display by creative agency Fiona Leahy, I began my initial sketches into how I am envisioning my Diptea brand display. The creative agency of Leahy worked with illustrator Emma Rios who decorated the pop up stall in situ in Harvey Nichols. I loved how the illustrations spoke so boldly about the thematic and attitude of the magazine which seemed very playful, lighthearted and very dreamy. It looked to me so innocent like a little girls dollhouse cutout, the warm pink colours inside also alluded this innocent and lighthearted vibe to the brand value and experience.  My initial sketch ideas are made with a black brush pen. The space I have is a large white wall so I intend to design a tea shop setting onto the wall- a window and a shelf that I will make 3D so I can also sell my Diptea cakes in their handmade packaging. I have also been toying with the idea of a  hanging doorway for people to walk through and come for abit of cake and have a little chat. I’m going to be placing a small round table and two chairs for two people to actually have a drink and snack. With this I am trying to illuminate my brand values of social interaction, I love going to tea rooms and it’s the interaction between many of the men and women of all ages that I feel make a tea room what it is. It is also a cosy and indulgent brand with luxury finger sized cakes to eat over a long chat with a friend or family member. I am still in the design and sketching stage but intend to stick with this style of displaying my brand. imageimageimage


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