Working on Diptea digital type

I took my hand rendered Diptea type and digitalised it into a vector, I then worked on my first digital version of the Diptea brand. I used the pen tool on photoshop which I found easy to use as I’ve had experience using this tool a few years ago, that is the most part of my  digital background before university. I traced the letters for my hand rendered type and then played around with the type in my colour palette colours of pink and blue. I tried using yellow which was also an option but I found that yellow will not work as a single colour for the type itself.  Using the rule I learned from a previous lecture, I tried my type in black first to see if the type works atall. I’ll be honest to say the hand drawn type needs a lot of work, the I and the p are the only letters that worked effectively in the logo atall. I turned to the digital type and began working on the same principle of using the masking tool to cut up the letters and create the effect of submerging the type into a drink like the product itself. I experimented with the colour palette of blue and pink and I liked the combination of the two into one logo, but I am probably going to keep it singular to one colour but for the packaging I will incorporate both.

The cutting up of the letters was enjoyable but I intend to only cut up a few of the letters and leave the rest. The letter D, I, and E I will cut up but will leave the other letters. Combining the bright colours works well with the logo to convey the brand, if I had kept the type black it would not work with the whole thematic of the brand.  After creating a digital type I decided to play around with it, so I printed out a physical copy and folded and chopped out sections manually. I photocopied every different fold and scrunch I made.


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