Brand Application

Lecture and workshop today presented us with a task to work in a group of 4 to look at a series of given resources such as Dalziel & Pow,Creative bloq, spin and studio output, and from these create a range of visualisations using digital methods. I was given the job of iterating the logo to a brand ‘Smile Photography’ within my group. I used indesign to create a series of iterations of the given logo whilst my team worked their own given tasks. Initially I found this difficult as I am not completely used to Indesign other than using it to create pages for publication from a previous project, but after a tutorial with Ricardo I was then away with iterating the brand name. The purpose for my task was not to re design the logo but to iterate the logo in different colours with lock ups, which are boxes that encapsulate the name inside. I played around with the shades of blue and then played with using shapes to contain the logo.

Understand that branding is to sell something, and to do this successfully is to entice and convince the viewer or customer to buy into the brand and confirming touchpoint through signing,stationary and packaging. And this has made me begin to bring in this idea in consideration to my breakfast brand, having to consider every nuance of design. Through looking at photography on these branding websites I realise that I need to photograph my DipTea product with a digital camera in a photography studio. I recently photographed my products in the photography studio and realised how much more professional and clean the images looked. I am in the process of sourcing means to make my packaging for my product and intend to photograph it in situ and in a studio.

This lecture taught me to consider the application of my brand beyond a type and apply to other visualisations such as stationary, mugs and digital means such as apps and web designs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.32.14 PM


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