Pechakucha presentations before Christmas break!

Before we dashed off home towards our Christmas trees each studio made a pechakucha presentation highlighting their studio ethic to wrap up the semester! Besides simply making a presentation each studio had to exhibit and present their current work and briefs. Empathy and Enterprise studio had to focus on conveying our brand identity from our current brief Breakfast Unscramvled, making our exhibitions quite like pop up stalls as it were. We also exhibited all and any work we had individually made for the briefs. My initial ideas were to be quite theatrical with inspiration from Fionah Leahy design agency, but I was told that I needn’t go to such extremes and the time was short so I decided to reign in the scale and make a few pieces to illustrate the Diptea brand for my exhibition. Each studio presented a pechakucha that highlighted the briefs and ethos of the studio, also highlighting individual and strongest approaches to the briefs. Other than my studio empathy and enterprise my favourite studio was local universe, they’re studio is in my opinion one of the most successful studios in that they have physically made a fantastic working environment that encourages creativity. The studio also is very collaborative and has this real fun and playful vibe. The empathy and enterprise studio seems to me quite bland and u think all it needs is a lick of orange paint to add some brightness to the studio, now the walls are decorated with work it wwill breed more creativity.



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