Design competition: Tinkalink briefing

Tinkalink is a company that is launching its very own customisable phone cases. The cases themselves are customised through a piece of plastic that lifts up on the back of the phone, in which a series of  included charms are to be placed onto to create any kind of deign wished by the user. The charms themselves are included in a starter pack of three and then sold separately.  The charm selection in idles an entire alphabet, numbers and aumbols such as love hearts, stars and bunny rabbits. Each are made of metal and are in the three chosen colours of either gold, silver or black. The product is launching with iPhone 6. During the bridging we were shown a presentation and a prototype phone aswell. The target market which was key to the briefing explained that this customisable phone case was aimed at young girls around the age of 21, girls who are “fun, free and feminine” the type of girls that shop at top shop etc. Instantly this rang alarm bells as I defeated the word feminine as a ridiculous gender stereotype of women and I can safely say I watched a lot of my fellow female creatives instantly cringe at the word feminine in the briefing.  The colour palette is fleuro pastel pinks, black and high gloss. The charms themselves can move around in the case and make a ‘clinking’ sound which initially I thought I could use this quality in the promoting of the product. As a whole I initially did not like the brief, it is hire flat and very stereotyping to women, I am the same age as the target market and the product does not appeal to me.   There are two pathways to go on for this brief- digital advertising such as banners and such for the bend, or to illustrate five promptional images for Instagram. I have chosen the latter and have already thought of initial ideas to illustrate young females holding the product. I am however in a dilemma where I consider if I should work for a brief that as a female designer find stereotyping and perpetuating to a cultural issue I have a problem with. However this has worked in my favour as it is to me very easy to accomplish this brief for it is working with a cultural stereotype that is everywhere in media.

Initial ideas are to depict a series of girls taking selfies with an iPhone with this case in their hand, the symbols on their hands like tattoos. The drawings will involve a lot of pouting and “high gloss prettiness”. The selfie idea comes from the fact that almost every single girl now takes a selfie with her phone where the phone is always in the reflected mirror image, I feel I can use this as a tactic to reach out to the target market. The inspiration for promoting the Tinkalink brand have come from the brand Skinny Dip which has had illustrative images similar to my ideas to promote their products of handbags and iPhones which I feel could work as a platform for this product also.


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