First day back. Empathy & Enterprise new brief

Brand that Can is the new brief that  requires research and design to implement branding for a fictional enterprise with a social focus.

About the brief. 

The brief stems from the This Girl Can campaign that encourages and motivates women of any shape, size and ability to take up a physical sport. Watching a  conference talk of the directors of the campaign revealed how they spent an incredible amount in the research of figuring out why 2 million fewer women took up physical exercise as opposed to men. The aide came down to the feelings of lack of ability, not liking how they look when they exercise. As a campaign they prided themselves on getting to the core of the problems than working simply in the surface, a tactic out tutor Ricardo also told us to do. Initially I found This Girl Can to be a great campaign when I first saw the television ad. I actually now believe it to be feeding into this feminine stereotype of exercise being for men simply by making a big deal out of women doing or not doing exercise. I also don’t feel they worked well in keeping this campaign alive because I had forgotten all about it and I was surprised tolerance that they haven’t teamed up with any sports brand for clothing such as Nike.

The task for the day. 

However this served well to helping understand the brief we were given. Our task was to research the given references of brands and investigate what each social focus was and wether this was good or bad. We investigated in groups brands such as Crack&Cider, a brand that aims to help clothe the homeless through a shopping website by giving the customer control over what they can buy to clothe a homeless person. It’s basically a shopping website. I thought it was great. It works more than the mundane charity money collectors you see stood in the street getting the odd pound coin, this is charity working targeting the public through our control and digital obsession with shopping. I also loved the name that came from a simple but resonating comment from a homeless neighbor of the founder of the brand. The only problem is that they call themselves a non for profit brand but they however explain how they’ve had to use the profits to make flyers, buy a shop and make a website, which is not illegal, but saying they are non for profit is not technically true.

We also investigated variousbrands that were think tanks for solving current economical and social issues. There was not one of these that I thought did anything other than point out problems in society and take donations. They have a social focus but didn’t really do anything. Another branding company on the other hand called Swapsocks, was a company similar to Toms in that with every pair of mismatched socks you purchased bought an eye test for the less fortunate with declining eye health. As branding it worked effectively as it was clear what they were about, how they made the socks (themselves) and what their social focus was.

My thoughts of the task today.

The point of this exercise was so we could turn this idea onto our breakfast Unscrambled projects and apply a social focus onto it.

I am currently toying with the idea of brining my Diptea brand into the homes of the elderly or lonely. Quite like Mcmillians coffee mornings, instead of going out for tea, Diptea is brought to you in a lovely package. Other ideas stemming from this would be including a letter in the package written from a neighbor or someone local who personally sends the package to the elderly or someone lonely. Making this a community and social focus as similar to the recent John Lewis advert that has touched upon the loneliness amongst the elderly.

I am still in the early stages of these ideas but initially this is my first viable option for making Diptea a social focus brand. image





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