Dissertation presentation.

Today I presented to the group the themes and ideas I will be tackling in my dissertation. My topic will focus primarily on gender performance in the gym environment from an ethnographic approach. I have been continuing my 5 days a week training whilst during and after my workout I have been observing the people around me, noting the genders I see being portrayed and executed before my very eyes.  After the presentation I had a five minute question and answer from the group and when I brought up to the topic of mirrors being quite essential to the gym environment, a fellow student suggested I look into narcissism. I have and am currently reading the work of Signund Freud and his theories on narcissism. This came about as I observed every single person in the gym regard their reflection countless of times in the mirror during training but also when simply moving about the gym, to an obsessive degree.

The group critique was very beneficial in that I could propose my idea for my topic to students who had not heard of it before and her for could give me an alternate opinion and new ideas.  I am currently in the process of writing up parts of my ethnographic research finidings which I am finidng challenging in that it is quite different to how I uslaly approach and write my essays, it’s a completely different language of academic writing.



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