Assessment hand in prep

Prepping and organising my project work so far.

As the first assessment deadline lingers ahead I have been organising and collating all of my current project work. This was to nicely organise for hand in and also to see where I am lacking in my work.

Look mum no hands brief.

So far I have experimented with photocopying my original illustration and made a mock up book of my experience in the look mum no hands cafe. I have a thick pile of photocopies, and the acetate designs that I used to create the photocopy images to begin with to create a layered transparent image. To add to this brief would be to print a physical book of my photocopies as a final piece demonstrating my interaction with the brand touch points. Also maybe to place my original illustration in a frame as an artwork piece actually for the cafe itself as a tutor commented saying it looked like a piece that they would have in their cafe themselves. Overall I have a decent amount of work but a quick tutorial with a tutor before hand in may be needed just incase I can add something quick to it.

Brandflip brief.

I really enjoyed communicating this brief as I took the opportunity to use my own illustrative skills for the first time in my projects. Taking advice from our tutor I also made a editorial page layout as part of the brief outline, this was a method to accomplish the brief for a lot of the student in the class found this brief more difficult to do. I actually found this brief the easiest and most enjoyable. I made one illustration and used again a photocopy process to add a background to my illustration, a tacky Christmas paper design. As of now I feel that I can’t add anymore to this brief as I accomplished it without a lot of problems, but maybe this means I pigeon holed my designs but either way I will add what is ever needed.

Breakfast Unscrambled brief.

As I piled up my physical pieces I am actually certain that this project needs more work. I struggled with this breakfast brand simply because there was an incredible amount of variables to consider. I have made a digital type of my brand, Infographics of the breakfast survey for the brief, illustrations of the product, experiments with the type face and a series of initial mind maps on the brief. I have about three sketchbooks however dedicated to this brief and that has always been my strength. I constantly document, refine and ponder ideas but usually leave the brief unfinished in my opinion. I know for the deadline I will add more to this such as making a brochure and advert poster of the product. Also an analysis of other brands in the same category as my breakfast.


I have accumulated a substantial amount of work for the briefs and am so far happy with my designs. I feel I have accomplished the Brandlfip brief, I am almost compete with the Look mum no hands brief but the Breakfast brief is not complete. I will go over the briefs to see if I have answered them specially in particular the breakfast brief.





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