Design competition. The exhibition space

Downstairs in the gallery..

Marta and I documented the space for our exhibition, invisioning where will have our work and then compiling a list of materials we will need. I intend to use the seperating wall in the gallery to hang my portraits on using black strong and bulldog clips. I considered using. White frames for each print which I would want ideally but the cost for each frame went over my budget. So I decided to utilise the same display technique many of the studios have used to display their work. I am going on a supply run with Marta to purchase paper in A3 and A4 size to make prints of my portraits for the girls I made the selfies of and for people to buy at the exhibition. I am also intending to make stickers of my lip illustrations to also sell. I’ll be touching the prints up for a maximum of £10 each. I also intend to write a title above the prints about the selfie collection, what I’ll title it I am not sure of as of yet. On the opposite side to the wall I’m displaying my work on Marta and I will display the few collaborative pieces we have made. Which we wil also do a few prints of aswell for purchase.


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