Empathy & Enterprise. Social Focus

The post it task..

As part of the lecture we had to engage in a task of two teams, where we would write down as many brands as we can think of on yellow post its. We then wrote down as many ethical or social issues and influences as possible and pair these together with a brand. We began ours by making pairings that were as obtuse as possible such as Tampax the brand with Abortion an ethical or social issue. As a collective this was an easy task and aided us in really getting to grips with what it means when a brand has a social focus.

Social focus lecture..

The lecture then informed us as a taster on the idea of a social focus.  Such as Conjoint Analysis which is a tool to predict which several alternative affinity marketing affiliations is the best for a brand. For brands to affiliate with a social purpose or focus makes that brand more successful than having a known actor or singer front the brand.  Affinity Marketting is where a brand iditifies an association with a non profit organisation such as sports, social causes etc.  It made sense to me how brands think that they should have more interest in social interests and causes than simply investing in brand identity.  I would rather be part of a brand that is seen to consider and interact with the social sphere than one that looks in one itself and only itself.

Towards the end of the lecture we watched an RSA animation that spoke about empathetic museums. The end task was that over the two weeks break whilst the New York trip was going on, those of us not going would draw our own empathetic museum on one of the social issues we had written down in the post it task. I am currently looking into either body image or learning difficulties as an empathetic museum.




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