Design competition. Making the posters.

The poster for the show..

As Marta arranged the gallery space for us to booked for the coming Friday. I was takes with making the poster to promote the show. I took a selfie of mine and Marta and made them into two portraits on an A2 piece of card. As part of our visual id entity as a possible collaboration in the future, we decided to use orange as our signature pallet tea long with black and white. We came up with the idea to have a large orange circle  in the centre of our portraits. I used a bin lid to draw a perfect circle as I couldn’t accomplish this with my compass as it was too small. Painting the circle was difficult in that my hand slipped out the lines and therefor the circle began to get bigger. But I managed to get this part done. I accidentally ruined the lips on my portrait so to fix this I re drew the lips on marker paper, cut out and then stuck on top. However when writing the type for the poster I made a major mistake. I used a liquitex large paint marker which I hadn’t used before, I wasn’t used to the texture of the pen and didn’t know that it didn’t have a lot of give in the pen itself. The way I write the type needs a lot of flexibility in the movement as it fast and liquid in motion. This didn’t happen. The pen was horrible to wield and the type was a mess.

Oh dear..

Confering with Marta we decided it was best for me to do the poster again. So I did. This time I made the poster portrait instead of landscape and wrote the type in pencil then fine liner , I can say now that the end result is better than the first rendition I had just ruined. I will bring this finished poster to Marta in which she will work on and add her own illustration to to the piece. We will the. Upload into an editing software to add text for time and place then place these around the uni on the show day.


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