Design competition. Critique review

On Friday we brought in all of our current work for design competition, such as our live brief works, visual identities work and anything else related to the module. I brought in my new printed portfolio a part of my visual identity as an illustrator and my current work on the secret 7 brief and the work for beyond limits brief.

I presented my new portfolio and it was well received as I explained how I had evolved my work from being carried in a  generic black portfolio to an orange letter portfolio bespoke printed with my Illustrator handle ‘Ginge’ which is how I’m presenting myself to clients and the industry.  Imo very happy with how my portfolio looks as I feel I’m making a step in making myself stand out from a

crowd. Working with a sense of humour that I use to my advantage of taking an insult into my defining trait, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had the word “ginger!” shouted at me like some kind of horrible insult, but now i actually like it and I’m called ‘ginge’ by my brothers and many fiends. This is also why I have made the colour orange part of my colour palette.

I presente my current work for the secret 7 brief but am not allowed to show my work as of yet until we are told to do so, but i did show my work the beyond limits brief. Ive taken on a surrealistic  theme to the brief and have decided to create illustrations and partial accompanying sculpture for a prosthetic thigh piece inspired by Viktoria Modesta and the album cover work to Bjork’s crystalline cd.

I am currently still in the design stages so I am experimenting with different mark making to convey the idea as suggested by Cecile.

Cecile ended the class by showing us her portfolio work and how she presents her work to clients and their ideas. Her finished work and display boats a professionalism we should all strive towards, the ideas are clean and she presents her initial ideas in hand bound books, this was lovely way to  present that i had not even thought of.






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