Design competition.

imageimageimageimageAfter our critique with Cecile what was a succinct comment was that we should increase our scale we work on. Most student work is predominantly in A4, A3 and sometimes A2. I love working large scale and have really only been pigeon holing myself to this side out of convenience in that its difficult to commute with large scale pieces on a long journey to and from university.

However I have decided to ignore this and began painting large scale on a poster roll of paper that has been sitting in my room for best part of half a year. I hadn’t found an excuse to use it until I started working gone this current design brief in which i have been creating rich pink romantic fluid paintings. I took a random sized chunk out of the roll of poster paper and pinned this to my bedroom wall , sketched out a few gestural lines and began mixing paint and began. Finishing this large scale piece I know I will have to photograph the whole piece and close up sections to use for the final outcome of the competition brief.  I have really rediscovered my love for large scale art works and have come to combined wether will incorporate this into my fop work.




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