Empathy& Enterpise. FMP work

As our lecturer was taken sick we completed today’s task on our own.  I began my work by making sort cards worth words associated to my brand idea. I am not working with the current brand that can brief and have decided to write my own FMP which is a project on my mental disabilities and how they impact my daily life and life within art, looking at how I work to a brief and  my creative process in regards to how my afflictions effect this. I have ADD, partial autism and aspergers syndorme, dyslexia and partial dyspraxia. I originally wanted to create a brief about branding myself, which was quite dry as a brief until I realised I have a lot to work with as I have a different background that impact on my cognitive and physical capabilities. Still Brandon g myself as an illustrator ‘GINGE’, I’m celebrating what makes me, me. As a designer having these dis aligned can impede my function in regards to taking in instructions and general cognitive skills, but encourages my creative skill and idea generation.

So I have began by making sort cards of words associated to my brand ‘Ginge’ which is me. So far I am making combinations to create interesting visuals and to spark random ideas for work and pieces. Hearing what my project was about tutor Sara informed me of a fine artist called Helga Steppan coming in this Friday for a talk on her creative process and how it is effected and influenced by her diagnosis of dyspraxia, something I also suffer with. I am excited to hear his talk as I need to gather information on the disabilities.


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