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Looking into dyspraxia I have looked listened to the BBC Radio 4 talk by Chris Ledgard who visited Royal college of art in London to explore the relationship between dyslexia and dyspraxia and a students ability to draw. It was incredible how institutes rated with the most dyslexic sufferers go from prisons being the top and second to that is art colleges with an astounding 28% of students having dyslexia/dyspraxia in the arts.  Ive chosen to focus more on my dyspraxia which is more prevalent than my dyslexia. Dyspraxia is lesser known than dyslexia and I wanted to focus on this. Dyspraxia symptoms are an impairment in visual perception ability culminating in poor memory, lack of rhythm, struggles with hand-eye coordination, clumsy movement and poor balance. I suffer with many of these some more severe than others. primarily I find organising myself impossible at times, chaotic and frustrating to do so, I also have to clarify my thinking and thoughts through talking to myself and without this i struggle to organise myself. I also struggle with genitive skills as understanding and interpreting directions and travelling, I often get severe anxiety over travelling because I know I find it incredibly hard to do so.

I have been researching into various articles and artists working with dyspraxia or investigating it. Dyspraxia me, a peer supported group  made an art collection of photography with artist Damien Robinson, each student brought in objects that signified ‘Dyspraxia’ to them. The images were ties, shoe laces, high heels , puzzle pieces and tin openers. I was struck by the simplicity of these objects but the difficulty they pose to dyspraxia sufferers. It has inspired an idea for me to consider objects that I struggle with or conceptually signify dyspraxia.

Below are some images of the Dyspraxia Me peer group work.




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