Design Competition. beyond Limits crit

I changed my current ideas on the beyond limits brief of a prosthetic leg to the idea of a crystal form. This crystal form could slot into the skull, in contact with the brain would glow different colours when the brain would have a thought and brain process. This would be for people in comas or pronounced as brain dead.  To improve this idea from the critique I have to research more into the concept behind the colours to convey certain emotions, from MRI scans to mood rings that change colour to your mood. Also it was suggested that I create a Tory around how this crystal form is found, being as weird as possible. The story I am currently thinking of is that this crystal is grown and found intertwined into the roots of trees or found in a cave on the edge of the sea. The initial A1 illustrations I made using fine liner pens smudged with water and then brusho ink to convey the explosion of a thought in the form conceptually and also how it would physically light up to convey the brain functioning.


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