Hothouse talk.Lakwena

Talk with artist Lakwena, a painting and wall mural artist. Her Inspiration into art came from the ladybird book called the magic paintbrush as a child.

Her work Uses a lot of typography which was influenced by her travels in Africa and Ethiopia.
Lakwena went into university doing graphic design, immediately she was out of her comfort zone and explained some struggles in her first year at the course. Slowly but surely she got used to the ways in which the briefs were pulling her away from her comfort zones and the ways of creating she preferred. She advised that during university to use it as the time to push yourself into different ways of creating, weirder and bigger.

Making loads of flyers she used this as a way to get her work out there, not always getting paid but in turn she was developing a way of creating and a way of working. Being limited with resources she had to find other ways to create when tools such as photoshop were out oh her reach at the time. Through getting her work out there initially she wasn’t paid a lot but she used this as time to experiment and using the skills she had and refining them. Her work varies from shop window signs, wall murals for shops, set and stage design for concerts and collaborative work. She explained that if presented with a job that you aren’t very sure on how to do, to just take it and figure it out along the way. imageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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