100 projects in a day. Super Friday!


Super Friday.

Before our Easter vacation our studios had a collaborative workshop where he had to complete 100 briefs in one day. This was one of my favourite workshops to date. Each project we were given to do was only 1 minute long and we could only use A4 pieces of paper per brief. I brought in assault of materials such as acrylic paint, inks, markers, crayons, French curves and fine liners. I loved this project! This forced quick creative thinking to really harness our creative skills in rolling out answers to the most bizarre briefs. One of the briefs being , design an epitaph for someone who doesn’t believe in God or demonstrate a sequence with something fishy. The more bizarre the more creative the answer must be but also the more creatively difficult it became. A lot of the group were resorting to using words to realise the brief, I tried to stay away from this and try force myself to communicate an answer through an image which was more difficult than I realised. I loved that by the end of the day we ended up with loads of visuals and piles of paper. I used paint and markers mostly as I wanted to try something different as I always work in pencil and fine liner. The class only got up to 50 briefs done in the day as we had a three hour interlude where we were to set up an exhibition for design competition and by the end, everyone’s attention span was slipping. I however could have finished the briefs as I found the day really enjoyable and I guess this is because the briefs were not technically difficult and the instructions were simple for me to follow- which I struggle with abit. Overall the 100 brief project was brilliant and I felt creatively exhausted by the end of the day. Just what the doctor ordered!







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