Design Competition.

Today we had a drawing activity with Cecile for an hour after she read a section from one of her favourite books about bartending. with this section Cecile read out she replaced the word bartender with designer and customer with client. What she read was humorously accurate on the professional practice we must take when leaving university and working within the industry. Rudeness is not tolerated, even with the most difficult of clients which i can imagine is incredibly hard not to do so, but doing so will in turn give you a bad name among designers and the industry and no one wants that. The reading was humorous as it spoke of the craftsmanship of peeling a fresh lime for a mojito which Cecile equated to our use of good quality materials. After this reading we had to do five drawing activities , draw what you see not what you know, surrealist dot to dot, non dominant hand, negative space and things with the letter c. The tasks were very engrossing and fun to do, it was very lighthearted and I found drawing with he non dominant hand was the most fun for me. I like gesture, continual line drawings so when we had to draw Cecile this is how my drawing turned out with drawing with my left hand. Drawing everything we could think of beginning with the letter c was very amusing, as pf course the initial male genital and slang term for ladies genitals came up, still quite amusing.


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