Empathy & Enterprise. FMP.

Today I worked on my FMP and creating visual posters with the word play of Dyspraxic tendencies. Today I worked on the tag line “I DROP STUFF..AND WHAT?’. I liked this word play and began at home by tracing out a type in capitol letters, I used Helvetica as a fail safe type and despite the controversy around it, I actually really like Helvetica even though its been over used like an old joke. I traced these letters onto an A1 piece of paper then began tracing in the square shapes where I would add colour. I then began painting in these letters with acrylic paint, which did not work out well. The paint was thick and would not draw a prolonged line of colour before running out of paint, this made the edges of the letters uneven and ruined the cleanest i had started with. I played around briefly with using the vibrant colours for the coloured squares but overall the poster was not working well at all. Today I came in to try my hand at making these posters through adobe illustrator or maybe photoshop, I used illustrator as I am familiar with this software.  I managed to make a pattern of colours which i then printed out with the type separate, then collaged onto and photocopied. It was probably a slower way to make the first poster experiment but I am not comfortable completely digitalising my work so i have combined the two. I played around with photocopying and sliding the words around on the background, letting the words fall down the page like they had been ‘dropped’. I enjoyed this process as i made several posters and visual pieces. I am still due to have a tutorial of my current work with my tutor and this will decide wether i continue with this work or perhaps go down a different route but as of yet I am enjoying creating posters, this idea of celebrating my disabilities will still be the theme of my fmp just perhaps through different mediums and intentions of how to convey this. DSCN0993DSCN0994DSCN0995DSCN0996DSCN0997DSCN0998DSCN0999DSCN1000DSCN1001DSCN1002DSCN1003


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