Empathy & Enterprise. FMP

Presenting my FMP to industry professionals with Emily. I presented my idea on creating an fmp essentially about myself and my mental disabilities. I presented the idea of celebrating how I have ADD, partial autistic spectrum disorder and Dyspraxia. For this presentation I began to focus on my dyspraxia, which ironically I showed as i walked up to the class and dropped my books, spilt my drink and dropped my books yet again. Dyspraxia is the developmental disorder that effects gross and fine motor skills and coordination. I spoke of the current campaigns that work to create awareness of a disorder or illness such as RED and MacMillan. Taking inspiration from artist Lakwena who we recently saw in a Hot house talk, I came up with he idea to create a series of slogan posters associated with the disorder. I started word play such as ‘I DROP STUFF AND WHAT’, ‘CLUMSY THEREFOR I AM, ‘TOO HIGH FOR THE SPECTRUM’  AND ‘DYSPRAXIC IS THE NEW BLACK’. These obviously needed work but this idea of word play was greatly received by my peers and tutors. Since this presentation I have begun research into the disorder of dyspraxia and its effects. Creating a project based on my own ailments makes for a project I can really delve into as I know it on a personal level. I have also began working on the ideas of word play for poster ideas, which was slo suggested as feedback and to also look more into the phrase ‘on the spectrum’ which is a term given to better aid diagnosis criteria for developmental disorders such as dyspraxia, aspergers, and autistic spectrum disorder.


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