Design competition.

Today the final presentations for Tinkalink were held and as a class we wrote our comments about each students work who presented. My favourite works that I saw were Rosie’s pattern work for the bran using the Sybil’s, her unique hand rendered illustrative style and hand type worked beautifully well with the brand itself. I could see this as part of the packaging if not chosen for the final Tinkalink branding. Anushka’s animated gif for the product was incredibly detailed after her last weeks improvements, showing how the product fcntions adding her own tag line ‘flaunt it’

Samir’s work was probably the best designed as he illustrated graphically the insides of different target audiences bags, a designer, a gym goer and a glamourous woman. The Tinkalink client awarded Samir first place for best overall design.

After the presentations Cecile gave a brief outline of what was expected for the hand in. Going over the requirements for the reflective diary which I was already clear on as I have been documenting my sketchbooks like a reflective diary for the entire course duration. I am however contemplating making my reflective diary a box filled with A3 cards where I illustrate the process of my collaborative exhibition with Marta.


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