Empathy & Enterprise. FMP.

imageimageimageLately I’d been stagnating on my FMP, I wasn’t sure of what I was really trying to say after I made some mock up word play posters. After finally managing to find the project proposal sheet I began mocking up my project and with a long discussion with my tutor Adrian, I’m finally feeling abit clearer on my project.

What I tend to do is become pigeon holed wih a design idea and in this case I had made some mock up posters for the sake of making something and couldn’t really see beyond that. My discussion with my tutor exposed to me really the wealth of work I have at my fingertips with my dyspraxia and ADD as my tools of making. What Adrian asked me was wether I’m speaking to the people with  the same conditions as me or to those on the outside who don’t knwo much about the conditions.  Thinking about my work I realise that I want to celebrate what I have. That these afflictions make me more creative, let me see things differently not only from the average every day person but also my fellow collegaues. It is well documented that persons with ADD excel in a certain skill, and this makes me one of them. I can’t understand maps, Plan journeys, use tin openers or sit still without fidgeting, but I can think creatively.

When my tutor gave me this little confidence boost, helping me feel more confident about the intellect behind my work which I don’t usually see or hear from my own mouth,  I felt a lot better about my project. Instead of focusing on making a final outcome, I need to feed the knowledge to stir up the way I think differently. To stir up some idea I began looking at some guerilla advertising, as I’m thinking of lending my work idea to this method of blunt communicating. What I have to consider is that I am attempting to communicate to those who do not know much about living with dyspraxia and ADD or even what it is, so looking at advertising is key for me to understand how to visually communicate something I know too well. This doesn’t neccessarily make my task any easier, if anything it can make it a little harder, what a person with ADD like myself will understand and relate to may get lost in translation to an outsider. I went around my class after my talk, and asked people what was ADD and Dyspraxia. Most answers were incorrect; when asked about dyspraxia the replies I got varied from…it’s the dyslexic version for maths right or it’s organising things into categories isn’t it and oh thats where you can’t read numbers. Initially I established how dyspraxia is thought to be the mathematical cousin to dyslexia. This was really surprising to me and I feel I want to try and make dyspraxia more understood.

Whenever people find out I have dyspraxia they ask what it is and as I explain, I feel people’s eyes on me intently watching as if I were a lab rat. And when they understand what I have they always say “oh …well you don’t act like that” this strikes me as an odd comment as moments ago they did not even know this disorder even existed. I want to inform the masses  and get away from this lab rat feeling. Show visually how I am impaired in my motor coordination, through how  many objects I drop, what objects I struggle with most, how many times I walk into lampposts, walk into people or trip up curbs. To convey this I’m unitary thinking to convey this through telling a story of particular moments I remember where my dyspraxia has been particularly bad. I am also looking into the idea of medicating ADD and how the medications I received effected me. Possibly using word play from a memory of my mother speaking on the phone to a friend about me after I was in a particular ‘comatose’ behaviour due to the immediate stimulant from the Ritalin i had just had.


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