Empathy & enterprise. FMP ideas.

Having spent the day editing my dissertation I have not made anymore work for my FMP but I have been contemplating ideas to communicate ADD to ‘outsiders’ – I calling outsiders those who do not have the condition and or do not have may knowledge of the disorder.  Ideas so far:

  • Video- me or someone (person A) sat on a chair for a prolonged period time- every time they fidget- individual people tape parts of person A’s body to the chair- to stop the fighting- ending with the person completely strapped to a chair- this is suggestive to the idea of medicating the disorder which I am against.
  • Dyspraxic- video footage of me dropping objects, the specific object I always drop or video footage of objects I drop in situ. Wih my cursing- will make for a humour is but poignant video conveying the coordination problems with dyspraxia.
  • Dyspraxia- a video of objects I smeared with grease and video people trying to pick them up- this is what dyspraxia is like!
  • Wordplay- I drop stuf and what- printed on the floor- where the dropped objects land.

So so far these are only a few of my current ideas surrounding my FMP. But I still feel like I need to tease arch and investigate further how I’m going to translate these ideas.


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