Empathy & Enterprise. FMP.

Today I had an epiphany! I was currently saying how I was struggling with my FMP then I suddenly thought of an idea to create a ‘How to’ book on dyspraxia, a humorous styled step by step guide on how to act like you dyspraxia. I have been thinking of ideas on how to communicate dyspraxia to outsiders and I feel humour can play an effective role in helping me do this. I’m not sure of a shock tactics in advertising this disorder but im open to exploration. After  having this idea I went to a book store and trolling through books to find ones similar to how I am imagining, for research and inspiration I wanted to go out and do it myself rather than sitting at a computer, I find I become more inspired when I view visuals at first hand. I was looking inside Waterstone’s book shop for books that were illustrated and humorous like a particular book my sister had which was entitled ‘Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’. I however didn’t find anything that quite hit the spot with what I have envisioned but I found some lovely visuals that I collected as a visual library. Illustrating a how to guide for dyspraxia will involve illustrations for comic effect and I have collected these images so I can use them to build a foundation for what style I will use.


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