Empathy & Enterprise. Research.

IMG_0406IMG_0405During my visual research in a book shop, I came across a book filled with ‘witty design’ I happened to sneakily snap a picture of this particular page that was incredibly relevant to my project. Entitled as ‘Calgary Society For Persons with Disabilities’ this was a photograph of an annual publication that was stapled together with one staple in the middle of the book, done deliberately to communicate the difficulty persons with disabilities face perhaps everyday or even as simple as trying to read a book. I thought this was brilliant and seemingly so simple but really clever. This is the kind of thinking I am desperately trying to employ onto my project, which is why I’m currently looking into the witty work of Guerilla art, some ideas I have sketched out involve a few blunt posters pieces of images of ballerinas with the words dyspraxia scribbled across or some other witty slogan I will try to muster up.  I wont however, just stick to poster form for my project, I want to try other modes of communication but as I know I’m real close to the project deadline I’m not going to jump onto something that i have no idea or skill how to use, this is me being smart, for my own sake. Having dyspraxia doesn’t just effect my physically, it hinders my attempts to try and organise myself and work chronologically,. Anyway, I found that creatively, my brain has been stumped but its taken one random idea and im suddenly firing on all cylinders.


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