Empathy & Enterprise. FMP work.

IMG_0527IMG_0528IMG_0526IMG_0533I began work on my Dyspraxia book using water colour paints to illustrate the activities for the reader to engage in. I used the paints first and then used a fine liner open to go over the pencil lines, this created a nice loose illustrative style which is what I was aiming to make. The keyhole illustration needs reworking and illustrating in a different way, also the lips illustration needs to be reworked a little neater and the type needed changing. I enjoyed illustrating my ideas as I felt it was finally coming together. Initially I pondered on creating a more photographic black snd white book but I felt this would take away any humour and light-hearted tone I wanted to convey, I don’t feel as if a shock advertising of Dyspraxia would be particularly effective as much as humour. Everyone loves a giggle.


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