Empathy &Enterprise. Ricardo session.

Ricardo ran a session for the whole day with our studio which focused entirely on our project hand in and considering the mechanics for the summer show. Firstly Ricardo asked what the deliverables were for each project and how many projects we had to hand in, this was already a bit of a brain ache as I had forgotten the deliverables for most projects, which I am now currently writing down from the given briefs. So far I have five projects to hand in which are my FMP, Look Mum No Hands, Breakfeast Unscrambled, Brand Theatre and Brandflip. Generally I feel I have work for each project, Brandlfip I am most happy with, Breakfast Unscrambled I feel needs more work and the Look Mum No Hands needs finalising. After this we sent the day considering our summer show, individually and collectively as a group of work. We had to analyse our project processes and identify a to do list for each project so we can have as much work finished and ready for hand in. Ricardo made us actually consider the exact details to our hand in, he asked me what I am handing in for my FMP. I said that I am handing in a Dyspraxic book,  instantly Ricardo asked me several questions, what book size, paper quality, type of binding and what printers I am considering. Initially I considered just blurb to print my book , now I am more than likely to go to ABC Printing as I can physically go in to the printers and choose paper type right there and then with the printers themselves. For the day we had to consider the ways in which we would display our work individually and collectively curating the show as a studio. Since we are a branding studio we have all unanimously decided we want white tables and brown back boards to create a unifying colour pallet through the space, last year we had simple brown tables and boards, this time we wish to really design the space. Regarding my book I am considering 100-120gsm for the pages inside with a hardback cover or a much thicker card type. I hope to have a hardback and a paperbound copy of my book as well as an experimental book that works to physically convey a disability through either having the binding in a difficult position. Depending on budget however, I may just have two paper bound books. We were given the task to visualise our display space in the show, which we all drew our spaces and how we would individually display pour prints and other object pieces.  For my space I will be displaying prints of my dyspraxia word play, brandlip poster, screenshots of a potential video, two printed books and possible print out posters of a few pages, and a small installation piece of a broken cup with a sticker attached. Doing this task aided us to really consider space beforehand which gives us the opportunity to make special requests for furniture and props for our studio, as an example our small group of four, me, Marty, Chris and Eduardo, we proposed having our work housed in open plywood boxes which separated our work but would also be great brand touch points for our show space. However the budget for our studio would not stretch far enough as well as having other props and materials needed, but the idea was great as we were considering other options other than the simple table and macs.


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