Empathy & Enterprise. FMP refinement and development.

The process for the pages has taken a series of days to make. I experimented with holding the pen in different hand positions to create different pen marks and type styles, once I created a type I liked I would replicate it for a final page which usually resulted in me writing a word in a style I didn’t like, so I would be gin again.  I experimented with underlining the words, drawing arrows a light sparkle marks around them and each page I attempted to further develop the style of the type. The problems I encountered during this process was remembering not to simply write in my own handwriting and adopt an actual stylist flare to the way I would execute a letter, to compensate for this I would take extra care between writing each word, waiting a few seconds, observing the previous pages I had written and copying the type style slowly. I realised that the faster I wrote the text the more the type would simply be my own handwriting. Having hand rendered the type an images I will then begin committing them onto indesign.



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