Empathy & Enterprise. Poster play experiments

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.44.09 AM


As I am currently in the process of experimenting i have rendered several renditions of the same slogan “She’s uh you know..on the spectrum’ and managed to create a composition that i feel is my most well designed. The above image i played around with the type and colour and found the all black type to be beautifully graphic, I  adore the surrounding white space, which is as graphic my opinions can get. I’m not a graphic designer and I am worried that my work will be perceived by designers of that field as the equivalent of an illustrator who tries to draw but can’t really draw well. Graphic design is to me a completely different discipline even though we work as a cluster of visual communicators, I do not work as a graphic designer which to me means grids, precision, perfect design and a lot of photoshop and digital work. Im not that way inclined within visually communicating and often find that a very dry way of creating visual messages for me personally. Although I am actually becoming quite enlightened with my attempts as poster design i am worried in regards to my website mock ups. This is not a process or technique i usually employ and am currently finding it really difficult to adhere to as it appears very dry in relation to my illustrative style. Resorting to this way of workings has only been for the past week and so near to my deadline i am extremely worried as to wether i can render designs of a decent calibre that will excel my FMP. I have set in motion a plan to have another review to express my doubts on the current path I have been diverted to . Wether I find this mode of creating still lacking in my potential creative skill, I will revert back to previous design and process methods.



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