Empathy & Enterprise.I drop stuff and what video.

Today I began filming for my video for my FMP project. In the video I will be capturing footage as I drop objects by my feet. The object will vary each time where I will also curse differently each time I drop an object. The initial problems I encountered was holding the camera with both hands whilst an object dropped to my feet, I had no way of doing this without the camera moving or my hand shaking. I attempted it however on my own and the camera would move or I would forget to curse. I then had my friend Marta held various objects as she stood closely behind me and dropped them by my feet on cue. Initially i was going to hold the camera with the strap around my neck and hold it to its maximum length which is at my chest, each time i would use this as a baseline measure as to where to hold the camera each time.  However i soon held the camera mid shin height from my feet as the camera was not detailed enough to really focus properly on my feet. IO dropped objects such as my notebook,keys, a fork, my medication, lanyard, food, a glue stick, pencil case and a water bottle. Some of them i used simply for my first trial of recording but the keys,pencil case, water bottle, cutlery and food are objects i drop on a regular basis, carrying them from room to room or even out of my bag I drop or knock to the floor. This video is going to be edited so the shots are very fast paced with a curse on each one, maybe adding in some background music to accompany the video to add to the humour. I am also going to have a graphic on the end shot of ‘I drop stuff and what?’ Over the weekend I will be making videos  and practicing with the composition of the camera, the phrases i will say and the objects I will drop. I will also be changing my shoes and the floor I will be dropping the objects on for each video so the video appears more varied and engaging to view. Also that my dropping of objects doesn’t stick to one area, my miss coordination occurs outside, at the gym, at university, as i commute, in shops and at home.


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