Design competition. Kickstarter Video.


As part of the design competition, our first project was to create a kickstarter video of anything we wanted. I decided to do a kickstart for my portrait collection i make in my own time which is part of my brand identity as Ginge Illustrations, so it made sense for em to make a video about something personal. It was either that or a kickstart about my journey into amateur female bodybuilding, but i was unsure of how to create a video about this so I opted for a topic i knew hoe to render and what the content was going to be. I collected up ,y collection of portraits which consisted of Charles Mask Lewis, Barbie, Johnny Cash, a friend of mine and a francoise Nelly painting. The last video I made was for CIP, where i filmed my love of the artist Francoise nelly and her inspiration into my own work and style so I used the same camera technique of holding the camera at one level and simply moving the camera across like a panoramic shot. I made a quick header poster for the topic of the kickstarter and had the camera focus on this, then slowly decent downwards onto each portrait. the camera then went back on itself and finished on the title poster.  The video itself was taken on my iPhone, I am not a film student and have no real interest in venturing into this area, I am a fan of lo-fi means of capturing images so I employed this style for my video.  I edited the video on an app called splash, I’m a huge fan of editing apps due to its convenience and support this idea of average videos on an iPhone becoming some wonderful works of footage. I added a soft piano song that was on a selected playlist to the app. the piano piece to me is very fluid in that it went very well with my portrait collection as I imagined it in a movie sequence, playing whilst someone creates a wonderful drawing. It did occur to me to have a video of me rendering these portrait in the process to accompany the video but however, as i had left not a subtainial amount of time for this project, I had tout this idea aside due to my inability to oranges myself due to my dyspraxia. u did however make a video that i felt displayed my work but as i took some critisms from the live video show and tell, I realised that the kickstarter was about selling an idea and my video didn’t really sell anything. This could have been rectified by adding type over the video that faded in and out slowly as the camera panned, explaining what I do and what the idea is that i am trying to sell. As a first trial i was happy with how i videoed my kickstarter as there was no other video that used an overhead single panoramic shot.



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