Empathy & Enterprise. Website mockup board

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.12.31 PM
Having made  majority of my mock up web pages I made one of the display boards to show the individual web pages with annotation as to each part and the specific designed elements to the page. I featured the homepage, information page and a product page. I annotated the interactive quality of the ‘DYSPRAXIA’ page and the elements of the colour scheme specific to my brand. I was unsure of how to lay this out because I  was told I would be printing these out in A2, therefor I had to customise the size of the page because the biggest the page set up went to is A3. I again had a friend do this for me who was more familiar with illustrator than i was. In the lower corner i am going to apply a type of graphic of my brand, such as the brand name slashed in half with vertical type accompanying it. 

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