Empathy & Enterprise. Mockup website overview.

I made two pages compiling all of the digital website and psd mockups I have done. Only four Psd mockups have been made but with  eight mock up websites. Therefor i have made Four website product mockups, one front page, one information page and one page without a product. I am considering removing this last page as the intentions were to create a sneaker psd mockup for the brand, as i have been unable to do this I feel the page does not warrant anything even after I tried to make it a simple activity page, i feel it lacks concept compared tot he other conceptualised pages I have rendered. I believe I should make a few more psd mock up product. I am still to make a notebook one which I am currently about to work on. I also feel i need another page on the symptoms and information on dyspraxia, I have currently made one which has the word spelt out which activates when the curser hovers over a letter. Despite this i think it would be common sense to have a page that details explicitly the mechanics of the contain using a template I have employed for the first information page. Mm1


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