Empathy & Enterprise. Look Mum No Hands Revisit.

With the deadline looming I went over making sure I was not only rendering work for my FMP but also completing  previous briefs from the interim assessment. My work for the brief Look Mum No Hands was not finalised so I went back over the work I made for this project, the work ranged from sketches and photographs of the café itself, the space we were investigating and a large collection of prints from photocopying. The first rendered outcome I made was an illustration of the brand component which included the signage if the window, an observational drawing of the occupants inside the café on one day and the bicycles above, all encompassed into one illustration. As I was told this wasn’t effective enough in hitting the brief I was told to re iterate it somehow, so I took my illustrations and played around with it on a photocopier and folding it up. Usually I re work a piece by physically reworking the piece I have just as a process that seems to work for me. I made a series of illustrations onto acetate to begin with simply to maybe experiment with different mediums. I found this project in the beginning particularly dry as we were to create an illustration of our interaction with the brand touch point within the café, which to me didn’t allow for as much creative freedom as I wanted. But this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in that these creative limits essentially give us a taster of the industry of branding and the creative industry itself, meaning that when we enter it and most likely work for someone else for  a period of time we wont get much creative freedom to do whatever we want as we will always have a brief guide to follow. So I made a compiled collection of morphed and reiterated illustrations of the café and searching through these I decided to work with them. I did not have a lot if time to spend on this project in the few weeks before hand in to revisit, so i worked with what I had made my collection of my morphed illustrations into an A4 printed book. This process didn’t take particularly long but when it came to printing I had to place my paper into the bypass tray as I jammed the printer with my own paper that was 200gsm, too thick for the printers to work with. After this slight hiccup I managed to render a final outcome for the look mum no hands brief which was only a two week running brief. I was happy with the outcome as it included abstract versions of my initial outcome for the brief


I bound the book using gold bulldog clips that I feel contrasted well against the black and white print to the book.

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