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I had this idea of creating poster imagery using my old prescription medication I was given during my late childhood to early teenage years, Ritalin and concerta. I had the prescription bottle for my concerta still in my bedroom, although out of date the bottle was kept as I was supposed to complete that bottle and get another one however I hated taking them as they made me feel tired and as if I was not really awake, like sleepwalking. But as I began this FMP that was significantly personal to me I felt using the bottle would render some interesting visuals.

I however wanted to make the visuals all the more personal and I remembered distinctly how my mum was speaking on the phone to my Auntie as she peaked through the living room door watching me as I sat practically comatose after a day at school and having had my medication. She said how I was sat in the living room, still as anything, not moved for over an hour and how I appeared to be like a zombie. What I love is that I can remember this as if it was yesterday and this has remained with me for a very long time. The way my medication affected me was that it worked to inhibit the behaviours of ADD, the fidgeting and impulse behaviour that I suffered with. I didn’t like taking the pills as after a while they made me feel so tired and blank faced. Creating a series of posters I achieved by using the very words my mum spoke to my auntie and the visual image of the medication. In a sense I am making a propaganda poster but not promoting the medication for its benefits but for its side affects. I don’t believe the medication should not be used, my experience with concerta was not great but was not as bad as Ritalin. Ritalin was the worst of my medications and I strongly disagree with that medication being prescribed to young children even if it does work to inhibit behaviour, it comes with a long list of behavioural side effect. when I took Ritalin it made me more agitated, quiet to a point of comatose and incredibly fatigued, on few occasions I was ill from this medication which is why my mum stopped giving me it. So within these collective pieces of work they carry a heavy personal message of my experience with an impulse control drug. Printing the quote onto A3 page I cut up and stuck to the photocopies I made of the medication bottle and box in varying compositions. Some shots had the pills open and out on the counter, bottle close, outside the box, inside the box, both the box and pill together, I also threw the box across the screen as it copied which caught it just in time in a morphed bizarre image. I photocopied the side of the box that had the ingredients an d my name on adding fir that personal value.


I particularly liked the graphic on the lid of the bottle and flipped this over onto the screen.
IMG_0986 (2)
I also played around with landscape for the composition and placing the  quote overlapping on itself.
Enter a caption
I focused on plain graphic shots of the medication itself as it created a clinical tone to the image.

IMG_0990 (2)FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2FullSizeRender_3



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