Empathy & Enterprise. Hand in and evaluation of my year.

Handing in was a real pleasure to do because as i laid out all of my work i was surprised by how much I had to hand in. Initially i felt like my pile of work wouldn’t look particulate large but then i realised i had several Brand theatre pieces still in my studio space. I laid out all of my work in order of briefs, piled up my sketchbooks in order of there completion, placed my product prototypes on the side, and left specific annotations for each section of the piled work in order better help the examiners understand the work they were viewing beforehand. This i think helps them also to better engage with my project and allow them to see my continual development and iteration process as i came to a conceptualised FMP.  I feel i have worked my FMP to the best of my ability, however, as i have learning difficulties and should have been awarded the extension but was however not able to have an assessment in time before my hand in, if i had had the two week extension I feel i would have generated more work and possibly excelled the concepts of my website mockups further. Working with the time frame i and however I worked incredibly hard on digital work which i am not family with, i feel i have done myself proud in managing to render digital work in the space of five days before hand in after my project came into a review and told to rethink its visualisation. The Empathy & Enterprise studio has taught me a vast amount about Branding and the minute considerations taken in creating and excelling a brand. I learned through this module what a manifesto is, the brand ethos and what they want to achieve and stand for. I also learned a lot regarding concept boards,  market research, surveys, infographics, logo realisation, prototyping and  brand touchpoint. Each brief during the third year has served to simulate the practice of brand design. In hindsight I have enjoyed this studio but went intuit it thinking i would be learning and eventually branding myself as a designer and illustrator. This was not what I ended up doing. I have found that this studio has revealed how I excel more as a creative thinker  and find my struggles come to the physical visual communicating of an idea, something i will work on or work around by using methods to help overcome this. I have discovered a lot about my identity as an illustrator and as a potential designer and have found the final year at university to really be the year one straits to figure out who they are and what they’re intellectual capitol is.


Empathy & Enterprise. Hand in prep.

In preparation for my final submission i spent two days arranging work into piles by brief categories, arranging in order of development where each set of work lead onto another. Each pile i bound with a gold bulldog clip as a design theme and to also keep all the loss pieces together in piles. Each brief came with a contents page on the front and with each section having another accompanying card with a brief description of the work inside. I found that the Look Mum No Hands brief had a significantly large amount of work, with Brandflip being the lesser of the two piles. I wouldn’t say this was because Brandflip had less time spent ton it as this is untrue, but that the brief was more concise for me to accomplish and didn’t need any improvements after a review with my tutor like the Look Mum No hands brief did. The FMP had a decent pile of work to it not to the same thickness as the previous No hands brief but inside this pile was a larger array of iterations surrounding my final major project concept. All of my adobe digital files of my website mockups, mock up boards and PSD mockups are compiled onto a memory stick, along with my video, poster prints and other imagery associated to my FMP. I am ready and prepared

Empathy & Enterprise. Other works.

I had this idea of creating poster imagery using my old prescription medication I was given during my late childhood to early teenage years, Ritalin and concerta. I had the prescription bottle for my concerta still in my bedroom, although out of date the bottle was kept as I was supposed to complete that bottle and get another one however I hated taking them as they made me feel tired and as if I was not really awake, like sleepwalking. But as I began this FMP that was significantly personal to me I felt using the bottle would render some interesting visuals.

I however wanted to make the visuals all the more personal and I remembered distinctly how my mum was speaking on the phone to my Auntie as she peaked through the living room door watching me as I sat practically comatose after a day at school and having had my medication. She said how I was sat in the living room, still as anything, not moved for over an hour and how I appeared to be like a zombie. What I love is that I can remember this as if it was yesterday and this has remained with me for a very long time. The way my medication affected me was that it worked to inhibit the behaviours of ADD, the fidgeting and impulse behaviour that I suffered with. I didn’t like taking the pills as after a while they made me feel so tired and blank faced. Creating a series of posters I achieved by using the very words my mum spoke to my auntie and the visual image of the medication. In a sense I am making a propaganda poster but not promoting the medication for its benefits but for its side affects. I don’t believe the medication should not be used, my experience with concerta was not great but was not as bad as Ritalin. Ritalin was the worst of my medications and I strongly disagree with that medication being prescribed to young children even if it does work to inhibit behaviour, it comes with a long list of behavioural side effect. when I took Ritalin it made me more agitated, quiet to a point of comatose and incredibly fatigued, on few occasions I was ill from this medication which is why my mum stopped giving me it. So within these collective pieces of work they carry a heavy personal message of my experience with an impulse control drug. Printing the quote onto A3 page I cut up and stuck to the photocopies I made of the medication bottle and box in varying compositions. Some shots had the pills open and out on the counter, bottle close, outside the box, inside the box, both the box and pill together, I also threw the box across the screen as it copied which caught it just in time in a morphed bizarre image. I photocopied the side of the box that had the ingredients an d my name on adding fir that personal value.


I particularly liked the graphic on the lid of the bottle and flipped this over onto the screen.
IMG_0986 (2)
I also played around with landscape for the composition and placing the  quote overlapping on itself.
Enter a caption
I focused on plain graphic shots of the medication itself as it created a clinical tone to the image.

IMG_0990 (2)FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender_1FullSizeRender_2FullSizeRender_3


Empathy & Enterprise. Brand Guideline printout

I printed my brand guidelines on 200 gsm paper in colour and bound with gold bull dog clips, a theme I have used for binding of all my works for submission. Upon printing everything was laid out straight and correct, after printing and biding I realised how again there was a problem, the pages were all slightly off kilter. This was incredibly infuriating but the more I looked at it, the more I felt this lent itself particularly well to the topic of Dyspraxia and the difficulty those with Dyspraxia have with writing in and on a straight line. The brand guideline consisted of how to make the logo, colour schemes, colours schemes not to use, typefaces and a manifesto.IMG_0977IMG_0978IMG_0979IMG_0980IMG_0981

Empathy & Enterprise. Website Mockup printing.


Closer inspection shows how the layout appears smaller than the other two mockups , something I didn’t realise until I had brought the prints home.


After the page came out I saw that the ink depleted on the logo in the corner and therefore I couldn’t use this print for a final mock-up for submission.

FullSizeRender_5After spending a week on website mock-ups and making them into a series of display boards of the components to each part of the website, I printed them onto 175 gsm paper and then intend to mount them onto display card. The printing process had a few problems when the ink ran out on one print and then smeared across the edge of another, ruining two pieces of paper. I had only two more pieces to work with and if the printer ruined these two then I would have to resort to using the low quality printer paper. Thankfully I went to a different printer and they came out perfect. I went over the text meticulously checking spelling and believe I corrected all mistakes. Each board I placed the brand logo on the bottom right of the page which was supposed to be cut off the page but when I exported this it came out fully rendered on the page. I did not realise this until I had printed each of the mock-ups. I also realised that one mock up was smaller in its layout with the website pages sitting closer in the middle of the page, I do not know why this happened after I exported this. I believe that if these are to be exhibited at the summer show this particular board mock-up will need to be re done. I completed this digital collection of work to the best of my ability and am surprised at what I have managed to create as I had never seen my visual communicating being achieved through digital means. Since using digital means to create I am now determined to gain a sound knowledge of programmes such as Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign and even premier and after effects. As I do not want to limit myself in any field of creating. The more I know the more diverse my creative skill set and the more platforms my designs can reach.


Empathy & Enterprise. Mockup refinement

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.29.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.29.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.06.50 PM
This is the end rendition after editing the mockup. I feel this is a stronger page than the previous two together as two pages weren’t necessary, and it did not have the same continuity as the previous mockup pages that were all single and without a pre-page.  I added the price and description of the physical book. 

Empathy & Enterprise. Website mockup board

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.12.31 PM
Having made  majority of my mock up web pages I made one of the display boards to show the individual web pages with annotation as to each part and the specific designed elements to the page. I featured the homepage, information page and a product page. I annotated the interactive quality of the ‘DYSPRAXIA’ page and the elements of the colour scheme specific to my brand. I was unsure of how to lay this out because I  was told I would be printing these out in A2, therefor I had to customise the size of the page because the biggest the page set up went to is A3. I again had a friend do this for me who was more familiar with illustrator than i was. In the lower corner i am going to apply a type of graphic of my brand, such as the brand name slashed in half with vertical type accompanying it. 

Design competition. Kickstarter Video.


As part of the design competition, our first project was to create a kickstarter video of anything we wanted. I decided to do a kickstart for my portrait collection i make in my own time which is part of my brand identity as Ginge Illustrations, so it made sense for em to make a video about something personal. It was either that or a kickstart about my journey into amateur female bodybuilding, but i was unsure of how to create a video about this so I opted for a topic i knew hoe to render and what the content was going to be. I collected up ,y collection of portraits which consisted of Charles Mask Lewis, Barbie, Johnny Cash, a friend of mine and a francoise Nelly painting. The last video I made was for CIP, where i filmed my love of the artist Francoise nelly and her inspiration into my own work and style so I used the same camera technique of holding the camera at one level and simply moving the camera across like a panoramic shot. I made a quick header poster for the topic of the kickstarter and had the camera focus on this, then slowly decent downwards onto each portrait. the camera then went back on itself and finished on the title poster.  The video itself was taken on my iPhone, I am not a film student and have no real interest in venturing into this area, I am a fan of lo-fi means of capturing images so I employed this style for my video.  I edited the video on an app called splash, I’m a huge fan of editing apps due to its convenience and support this idea of average videos on an iPhone becoming some wonderful works of footage. I added a soft piano song that was on a selected playlist to the app. the piano piece to me is very fluid in that it went very well with my portrait collection as I imagined it in a movie sequence, playing whilst someone creates a wonderful drawing. It did occur to me to have a video of me rendering these portrait in the process to accompany the video but however, as i had left not a subtainial amount of time for this project, I had tout this idea aside due to my inability to oranges myself due to my dyspraxia. u did however make a video that i felt displayed my work but as i took some critisms from the live video show and tell, I realised that the kickstarter was about selling an idea and my video didn’t really sell anything. This could have been rectified by adding type over the video that faded in and out slowly as the camera panned, explaining what I do and what the idea is that i am trying to sell. As a first trial i was happy with how i videoed my kickstarter as there was no other video that used an overhead single panoramic shot.


Empathy & Enterprise. Website mockup.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.20.44 AM
I tilted the pen at an angle to make the composition not look so flat which complimented to page much better than before when i had the pen flat. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.58.52 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.49.21 AM
I wanted to add the turquoise as a continuing element throughout the page design so i made one of the quotation marks that very colour, as well as adding the two thick rectangles shapes from the homepage, to the rest of the website mockup to add continuity to the brand theme. I also added some filler text to fill out some of the blank space on the pages that was left after i added the quotes, description and the product. It also helps the page to look much busier. and more interactive in that on each page this filler text will vary from telling of the symptoms, the purpose of the products and general knowledge of the condition as well as anecdotes commenting on what it is like to live a life of dyspraxia. I am doing this because I am really trying to hammer home this concept of a positive frilly attitude, creating a sense of community. 

Empathy & Enterprise. Website mockup development and process.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.24.57 AM

So taking the advice i began altering the website front page by changing the colour of the type, using a minimal amount of pink s this is a lot heavier throughout the mockups. Instead of the word enter i opted for let us show you, i felt it more personal and this speaks heavily to my project as hole for me and how I want to communicate a message surrounding an under recognised condition such as dyspraxia.



Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.22.27 AM
I felt the front page looked quite bland so I employed the use of the turquoise colour for design element as explained in my brand guidelines. Im still debating as to wether to add a small tagline under the header title, a little something quick and catchy about dyspraxia that gives a hint to the content of the website to the audience. 

My tutor did express his uncertainty surrounding the colour pink as part of my brand identity colours. I however am not changing this, I have stated quite clearly the reasoning for this colour, from its igniting poster work ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ to my iteration ‘on Wednesdays we sit on the spectrum’. I also believe firmly that this colour suggests a playful, fun and positive attitude and this is exactly I am aiming for my  FMP. I am however aware of its use for charities and campaigns commonly and heavily associated to women, which is why i employed the use of turquoise as a balancing colour to my colour scheme in my brand guidelines. I believe my choice of colours hold a conceptually sound reasoning  and as I am the driving force of my project, I shall take on advice gladly but will decide for myself as to wether I believe in these suggestions myself.