Empathy & Enterprise. Hand in and evaluation of my year.

Handing in was a real pleasure to do because as i laid out all of my work i was surprised by how much I had to hand in. Initially i felt like my pile of work wouldn’t look particulate large but then i realised i had several Brand theatre pieces still in my studio space. I laid out all of my work in order of briefs, piled up my sketchbooks in order of there completion, placed my product prototypes on the side, and left specific annotations for each section of the piled work in order better help the examiners understand the work they were viewing beforehand. This i think helps them also to better engage with my project and allow them to see my continual development and iteration process as i came to a conceptualised FMP.  I feel i have worked my FMP to the best of my ability, however, as i have learning difficulties and should have been awarded the extension but was however not able to have an assessment in time before my hand in, if i had had the two week extension I feel i would have generated more work and possibly excelled the concepts of my website mockups further. Working with the time frame i and however I worked incredibly hard on digital work which i am not family with, i feel i have done myself proud in managing to render digital work in the space of five days before hand in after my project came into a review and told to rethink its visualisation. The Empathy & Enterprise studio has taught me a vast amount about Branding and the minute considerations taken in creating and excelling a brand. I learned through this module what a manifesto is, the brand ethos and what they want to achieve and stand for. I also learned a lot regarding concept boards,  market research, surveys, infographics, logo realisation, prototyping and  brand touchpoint. Each brief during the third year has served to simulate the practice of brand design. In hindsight I have enjoyed this studio but went intuit it thinking i would be learning and eventually branding myself as a designer and illustrator. This was not what I ended up doing. I have found that this studio has revealed how I excel more as a creative thinker  and find my struggles come to the physical visual communicating of an idea, something i will work on or work around by using methods to help overcome this. I have discovered a lot about my identity as an illustrator and as a potential designer and have found the final year at university to really be the year one straits to figure out who they are and what they’re intellectual capitol is.


Empathy & Enterprise. FMP letter refinement.

Choosing the type for the pages of my book took a series of variations of differing hand rendered type. they may appear the same but I spent days redoing the typography for each activity. I was making variations of using the marker type after I encountered the problem with writing the text in wax crayons which was not possible due to the pigment not being dark enough and my handwriting becoming twice as big. Writing the text in my own handwriting is how I had envisioned the book and generally I am not comfortable with using digital type as if i can’t  make up my mind on various digital types because to me they all appear the same. This is my process and way of practice and this is evident in my working practice throughout the duration of my degree, majority of my works have been hand rendered to begin with and this is part of my designed identity.

Empathy & Enterprise. FMP refining.

Using wax crayons I began working on the type or my book which I will be hand rendering, The inspiration for the style of this book is a combination of keri smiths Wreck This Journal series and my own colouring drawings I did as a child,  I have vivid memories of using the colours pink, yellow and teal or baby blue on white paper which were apparently my favourite colours to use a kid when I used crayons. I am using this for my book title as essentially this project is about my self but also lending itself to creating awareness to a disorder through myself as a platform.FullSizeRender_6FullSizeRender_5FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender_1 (3)FullSizeRender_6FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1

The cover on the left is my favorite of the collection I have drawn due to the use of colour and the letters were all almost perfect, the letter ‘y’ i feel needs to be thinner but other than that this is most likely going to be my chosen type.