Empathy & Enterprise. Hand in and evaluation of my year.

Handing in was a real pleasure to do because as i laid out all of my work i was surprised by how much I had to hand in. Initially i felt like my pile of work wouldn’t look particulate large but then i realised i had several Brand theatre pieces still in my studio space. I laid out all of my work in order of briefs, piled up my sketchbooks in order of there completion, placed my product prototypes on the side, and left specific annotations for each section of the piled work in order better help the examiners understand the work they were viewing beforehand. This i think helps them also to better engage with my project and allow them to see my continual development and iteration process as i came to a conceptualised FMP.  I feel i have worked my FMP to the best of my ability, however, as i have learning difficulties and should have been awarded the extension but was however not able to have an assessment in time before my hand in, if i had had the two week extension I feel i would have generated more work and possibly excelled the concepts of my website mockups further. Working with the time frame i and however I worked incredibly hard on digital work which i am not family with, i feel i have done myself proud in managing to render digital work in the space of five days before hand in after my project came into a review and told to rethink its visualisation. The Empathy & Enterprise studio has taught me a vast amount about Branding and the minute considerations taken in creating and excelling a brand. I learned through this module what a manifesto is, the brand ethos and what they want to achieve and stand for. I also learned a lot regarding concept boards,  market research, surveys, infographics, logo realisation, prototyping and  brand touchpoint. Each brief during the third year has served to simulate the practice of brand design. In hindsight I have enjoyed this studio but went intuit it thinking i would be learning and eventually branding myself as a designer and illustrator. This was not what I ended up doing. I have found that this studio has revealed how I excel more as a creative thinker  and find my struggles come to the physical visual communicating of an idea, something i will work on or work around by using methods to help overcome this. I have discovered a lot about my identity as an illustrator and as a potential designer and have found the final year at university to really be the year one straits to figure out who they are and what they’re intellectual capitol is.


Empathy & Enterprise. Look Mum No Hands Revisit.

With the deadline looming I went over making sure I was not only rendering work for my FMP but also completing  previous briefs from the interim assessment. My work for the brief Look Mum No Hands was not finalised so I went back over the work I made for this project, the work ranged from sketches and photographs of the café itself, the space we were investigating and a large collection of prints from photocopying. The first rendered outcome I made was an illustration of the brand component which included the signage if the window, an observational drawing of the occupants inside the café on one day and the bicycles above, all encompassed into one illustration. As I was told this wasn’t effective enough in hitting the brief I was told to re iterate it somehow, so I took my illustrations and played around with it on a photocopier and folding it up. Usually I re work a piece by physically reworking the piece I have just as a process that seems to work for me. I made a series of illustrations onto acetate to begin with simply to maybe experiment with different mediums. I found this project in the beginning particularly dry as we were to create an illustration of our interaction with the brand touch point within the café, which to me didn’t allow for as much creative freedom as I wanted. But this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in that these creative limits essentially give us a taster of the industry of branding and the creative industry itself, meaning that when we enter it and most likely work for someone else for  a period of time we wont get much creative freedom to do whatever we want as we will always have a brief guide to follow. So I made a compiled collection of morphed and reiterated illustrations of the café and searching through these I decided to work with them. I did not have a lot if time to spend on this project in the few weeks before hand in to revisit, so i worked with what I had made my collection of my morphed illustrations into an A4 printed book. This process didn’t take particularly long but when it came to printing I had to place my paper into the bypass tray as I jammed the printer with my own paper that was 200gsm, too thick for the printers to work with. After this slight hiccup I managed to render a final outcome for the look mum no hands brief which was only a two week running brief. I was happy with the outcome as it included abstract versions of my initial outcome for the brief


I bound the book using gold bulldog clips that I feel contrasted well against the black and white print to the book.

Assessment hand in prep

Prepping and organising my project work so far.

As the first assessment deadline lingers ahead I have been organising and collating all of my current project work. This was to nicely organise for hand in and also to see where I am lacking in my work.

Look mum no hands brief.

So far I have experimented with photocopying my original illustration and made a mock up book of my experience in the look mum no hands cafe. I have a thick pile of photocopies, and the acetate designs that I used to create the photocopy images to begin with to create a layered transparent image. To add to this brief would be to print a physical book of my photocopies as a final piece demonstrating my interaction with the brand touch points. Also maybe to place my original illustration in a frame as an artwork piece actually for the cafe itself as a tutor commented saying it looked like a piece that they would have in their cafe themselves. Overall I have a decent amount of work but a quick tutorial with a tutor before hand in may be needed just incase I can add something quick to it.

Brandflip brief.

I really enjoyed communicating this brief as I took the opportunity to use my own illustrative skills for the first time in my projects. Taking advice from our tutor I also made a editorial page layout as part of the brief outline, this was a method to accomplish the brief for a lot of the student in the class found this brief more difficult to do. I actually found this brief the easiest and most enjoyable. I made one illustration and used again a photocopy process to add a background to my illustration, a tacky Christmas paper design. As of now I feel that I can’t add anymore to this brief as I accomplished it without a lot of problems, but maybe this means I pigeon holed my designs but either way I will add what is ever needed.

Breakfast Unscrambled brief.

As I piled up my physical pieces I am actually certain that this project needs more work. I struggled with this breakfast brand simply because there was an incredible amount of variables to consider. I have made a digital type of my brand, Infographics of the breakfast survey for the brief, illustrations of the product, experiments with the type face and a series of initial mind maps on the brief. I have about three sketchbooks however dedicated to this brief and that has always been my strength. I constantly document, refine and ponder ideas but usually leave the brief unfinished in my opinion. I know for the deadline I will add more to this such as making a brochure and advert poster of the product. Also an analysis of other brands in the same category as my breakfast.


I have accumulated a substantial amount of work for the briefs and am so far happy with my designs. I feel I have accomplished the Brandlfip brief, I am almost compete with the Look mum no hands brief but the Breakfast brief is not complete. I will go over the briefs to see if I have answered them specially in particular the breakfast brief.




Project Revisit- look mum no hands

imageMy first design for the Look Mum No Hands brief.

After my review with my tutors on my first final idea for the Look Mum No Hands brief, I realised I had pigeon holed my ideas and limited my potential outcomes. So I took all of my design sketches and pieces I made of the look mum no hands cafe and took them to the old faithful photocopier. As before, I used the same process of reprinting onto prints and folding up my sketches to create abstract visuals. So far I’m liking the visuals I’m making as the first final piece I made didn’t really communicate the task of the brief which was to communicate the brand touch points I experienced in the cafe itself.